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  Friends and Customers

      Send me your pictures and I'll add them to this page.  Let me know if you don't want your name published.   Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Monte Labatut completed the full restoration of this Light Ruby Red SL175 K1 with paint by Marblesmotors.  Great job Monte !!!!!



Drew Cahill built this Candy Riviera Blue XL70 as a gift for a friend that helped him on several projects.  When these pictures were taken, he was only waiting on the chain guard to come back from the powder coater.  I'll bet your friend is going to be VERY happy.



Ron Pearce knocked it out of the park with his CB77.  This thing is top-notch.  Paint by Marblesmotors



Mike Castle just finished up this really nice SL125 K2 and is now turning his attention to helping a friend with his S65.  Nice job Mike.



Tom Pieper found these two CB125's side by side and is in the process of returning them to the road.  He is looking for side covers, so if you have any, let me know and I'll pass the word along.



David Virden sent me these pictures from Thailand of a 2005 Kawasaki KH125 GTO.  He found the bike with a side car welded up to it and has since had a local restorer  take it apart and built a nice rider.  He tells me that this is a very popular bike over there and they are used for general transport.



Wally Bateman needed to find a really nice Kawasaki G5 to replace the one he had back in the day.  The first shot is of him getting the bike for Christmas  and has his friend and brother along to help celebrate.  Wally is on the left.  The second picture is a great pose of the family dog trying out the bike and it appears that it wasn't the first time that the dog had a go on the bike as you can see the front fender is already missing.  Lastly, the bike I sold him so he can play around a bit and remember that bright yellow Kawasaki 2-stroke with the 5-up gear pattern.  Good luck with it Wally.



Scott Tilton found this 'barn find' Z50 K1 and did a really nice job of brining it back to its' original glory.  Paint by Marblesmotors.  Thanks for the before and after shots.  Looks like it has a nice comfy home inside for the winter.   Hope you enjoy it Scott.


Andy Titterton from across the pond in the U.K. sent me these pictures of his SL70 restoration and of the bike in a local show.  Looks like you are back in riding form now Andy.  Thank you for bringing this one back to life.





Thomas Spann reached out to us for assistance in restoring his very own original Honda SL125 K2 and you can see that he did a wonderful job getting it back into riding shape.  He also provided me with a vintage picture of his bike and 'friend' from back in the day.   Great job Thomas.



Chris Corderi liked the Acapulco Blue that I put on one of my early restorations and decided he had to have his that way.  A bit of a custom with the non-original color, one of my custom pipes, a set of my custom SL70 side cover badges and a black cylinder barrel really make this a nice bike.  Congratulations Chris.......nice job on your first restoration.   Paint by Marblesmotors.



Scott Anderson's SL350 K2 in Marina Blue.  Just the 19th one built by Honda for that model year.



Billy Sipe just finished his YZ80 Yamaha.  Paint by Marblesmotors !   Nice Job Billy.


and another one!  1976 Honda XR75 Custom.  Busy Boy.



Riley Fouillard and his dad have a collection of over 50 small bikes in Alberta Canada.  Very nice stuff !!!


Travis King has a beautifully restored Suzuki T20.  Paint by Marblesmotors.



Mike Guyer just finished restoring this SL70.  I sold him the bike in September 2011 and here is the finished product.  Paint by Marblesmotors.



Johnny's Vintage Kawasaki was asked by one of their customers to restore a TL125.  Great job and Paint by Marblesmotors.




Obis Brea is at it again on the show circuit.  His 1975 Honda MT250 took First Place at the Dania Beach Antique motorcycle Show in Florida this past January.  You gotta love the weather in Florida.


Jerry Cameron is at it again.  This time making a Flat Tracker out of an SL70.  Lot's of workmanship here and we will see if he can build an engine that will out run my 117cc SL70.




Brian Robison wanted his Kawasaki Ninja 1000 to be unique and a throw back to the original Kawasaki racing green livery.  Brian sent us the parts and he reassembled the bike into this beauty.   Red Before - Green Forever !





Well Randy I have been having fun with the bikes this fall.  The Honda CL175 and SL350 are running just great.  Here are some pictures of the bikes both before and after.  Thanks for all your help Randy I could not of done the resto without all your help.  Merry Christmas.

Tim Hare


One of my very favorite "Hey ya'll, watch this" pictures.


Mike Hales submitted this vintage 1972 picture of his SL350 at a camp in northern Michigan.  His friend Mike Jernigan in standing in front of the SL350.


Matt Moore sent me this picture of his SL350 in the Alvord Desert in Oregon.

From Obis Brea:  Here is a pic my SL100 with the 1rst place trophy on display. This was at the Winter Haven bike show and Rally here in Florida. There were @ least 15 bikes competing in my category!!  Paint by Marblesmotors !


RW Janesse has built a nice semi-custom SL175 with parts from a K0 and a K1.  Nice job!




Mark Bourassa sent me this picture from his high school yearbook.  That's him and an obviously oblivious passenger providing ballast on his SL350 K0.  He now has acquired a bike just like this one and is in the process of having fun again.  Just remember..............we don't heal like we used to.  This picture has to get an award of some kind for the look on the passenger's face.



"Randy and his team have essentally helped me 'resurrect' two motorcycles, and this latest project, a 1975 Kawasaki H1 is now my pride and joy.  The never popular rootbeer brown is a standout color professionally matched by Randy and his team.  Their work is incredible, perfecting even the smallest of details and I recommend them to everyone I know who loves to restore motorcycles correctly"     Brian - Las Vegas NV



Scott Fleming and his mom dropped off his very own original CL70 for me to restore.  The bike was badly beat and broken with bent forks, major damage here and there, but I managed to bring it back to life.  He is now repurposing the bike and recently had his sons and grandson over to give the bike a test run.  Here it is pictured with his youngest son, Zach and his older son's boy named Declan.  It is great to see the bike memory getting relived.  Thanks were great to work with on this project.



Miles Albertson just completed another beautiful restoration.  His 1975 CL350 in Candy Topaz Orange really looks nice with all the chrome and brightwork.  Great job Miles and paint by Marblesmotors.



Ok, so Tim LaVoie is working on another crazy hot rod.  I thought 3 Wheelers were dangerous enough with a 250cc engine.





Todd Hunter is putting together a really nice custom.  Main mods are an XL100 rear end and a hybrid SL/CB/CT front end with mechanical disc brake from a CB125s.






Obis Brea just finished the restoration on his MT250.  Great Job !!!!!



Randy Here is some more of your magic. A perfect, perfect paint job,thank you. Feel free to show this on your web page as well.I am currently looking for a new project (1970s 125 mx bike) You will be getting a call for paint work. If you know of a 74 Yz or74 Kx 125 let me know. Thanks again Tom Cox Tucson Az


Carey Sonnenberg has a really nice Yamaha MX'er



Dominic LaBelle has created a one-of-a-kind CT70.  Just take a look at the engine.



Tim Hare SL350 K1
Well I finally got the Honda done and it's off to the shop to let the guys get it up and running. I would like to thank you for all your help and input you gave me. It was hard work and I learned a lot, again Randy thanks and I hope you and your family have a great 4th of July..



From the wild world of Excess comes Grant Lappe with his ST90 / CL175 machine.


Here is another really nice restoration by Tim Taylor.



Jason Pedersen took a real "Barn Find" and made a very nice Tortoise Green SL100 K2.  Paint by Marblesmotors and we also provided many parts including the seat cover, NOS front forks, NOS rear shocks, all the chrome and zinc plating.  Great job Jason. 


Allan Paloutzian from Ocean City, Ca uses his CB400F as a way to transport his golf clubs.




Garth Oakhill from the Land Down Under sent me the pictures of his SL350 K2 restoration.  As you can see it has the turn-signals showing it as a non U.S. model.  Marblesmotors did the paint and he worked his magic elsewhere.  He is in the process of restoring a 21" front rim/spokes and then the job will be complete.  Great job Garth !!!!!



Hello Randy,
I thought you might want to see some pictures of your handy work. If you want to use these on your site feel free.
Charles Turner



Lou Molina in Australia submitted this photo of his SL70 that he just finished getting restored and registered for road riding.  He also sent me the picture of his "Engineer" friend and his idea of a handlebar guard on his MX bike.  He gets the award for best use of toilet paper in a supporting role.

Here's how you make the boys in school jealous.  Olivia Brown and her Science Fair display on "How a Motorcycle Engine Works".'re going to have to keep a tight leash on this one!


Stephen Bodnar's Yamaha CT1 175cc.  Paint by Marblesmotors.



Ken Thomas has a great looking XL175.  Paint by Marblesmotors.



David Webb sent me this picture of his Japanese Domestic CL90K.  Original condition and very nice shape.

Dear Randy,

I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for your assistance in fixing up my original owned 1970 SL100. You helped me source a few parts and and was responsible for the paint job.
I bought the bike new in June of 1970 with my own money at age 15. I paid $479.00, with tax, $502.00. It was used hard and put away for 25 years until 2003, when I spent 6 years bringing it back to this condition. I did not strip it down and start a frame-up resto. I just replaced worn parts with NOS parts, rebuild the engine, and painted it. I put SL125 wheels on her for better road manners, and ride it to the famous Rock Store near Malibu, CA where a crowd gathers whenever it shows up.
Thanks again, and in the future, I'm gonna buy a 1970 SL350 from you...perfectly restored mind you!

Robert "Beast" Best

I just finished my SL70 restoration and thought I would send you a few pics. I spent most of the winter on this project and am very happy with the results. Just wanted to thank you for the paint, muffler, badges and all the other hard to find parts. This would be hard to do if it wasn't for people like you. Thanks for everything.
Shawn Hovel
Marshalltown Ia


More from Rodney Brown and I think Daughter Olivia may have just adopted an MR50


Due to Space / Bandwidth constraints, I have archived older pictures and stories.   You can click HERE to see many, many more.




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