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1971 Honda SL125S K0 #24 - Japanese Domestic

Candy Topaz Orange


When this bike came to me it had 275 original kilometers on it and a broken kick shaft.  Not sure if that is what caused  its' demise and storage to preserve it this well, but it also had to make its' way over to the U.S. as this was not a model sold here in the U.S.  I believe the mileage due to the fact that the bike appears to wear its' original tires.  Clear Title in Hand.

Notice the reflective stripe on front fender, remnants of triangle reflective sticker on rear fender, buddy seat and pegs, upswept muffler, unique shape tank and badges.  The bike wears 19" front wheel, 17" rear wheel and handlebars without a cross brace  like the SL100 model here in the U.S.  The license bracket is sized for Japanese tag and the bike has turnsignals and the unique switch on LH handlebar to accommodate them.  Unique decals on side covers and as well all the decals on the bike are in Japanese characters.  You can also notice in the pictures that the front forks are run up into the upper triple tree about an inch or so and not sure if that is because they used the longer SL125 front forks, but with the 19" wheel they were accommodating the difference or if just a previous owner moved them up for seat height change.  Other unique pieces on this Japanese Domestic model are the center stand, the non adjustable headlamp and of course the speedometer indicated in KPH.  This bike is extremely well preserved for 40+ years and at this time I intend to keep it as a survivor.



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