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Restoration Services

If you have a vintage bike that you want restored or refurbished to as-new specifications, contact me and discuss the project with me.  It is difficult to even estimate the price without pictures and a conversation about how you want the bike done.  There are various ways to complete a project and depending upon your necessity of having NOS parts, will greatly affect the price.

You can click on the pictures on this site and see the type of work that I do.  I am not a warehouse of NOS parts and it costs me a lot to do research and trying to buy things for the bikes, so I prefer if you do that legwork.  Also, I do not have unlimited space, so it is best if you collect parts in advance.  Since I have done several of these bikes, I can complete one in relatively short order.

Here is a sample collection of the bikes that I have personally restored.  Many of the pictures will carry you to further web pages with detailed pictures of the restoration.

Click on each image to see more information.

In Process Projects
1971 Honda SL350 K1 #30 Candy Sapphire Blue Completed May 2013 1982 Kawasaki KDX175 Restoration for Gary Tann Completed Sept 2013




1971 Honda SL90K Japanese Domestic Candy Sapphire Blue Completed March 2013 1974 Honda Z50A K5 Candy Sapphire Blue Completed April 2013
1972 Yamaha JT2-MX Custom Restoration Project - Completed November 2012 1977 Yamaha XT500 for    Customer - Completed October 2012
1982 Honda XR80 for James Morlandt - Completed September 2012 1970 Honda CL70 K1 for Scott Fleming - This is his Original Bike !!! Completed July 2012
1972 Suzuki TS185 for    Customer - Completed September 2012 1974 Yamaha DT250A for Customer - Completed August 2012
1975 Honda CB400F for    Customer - Completed April 2012 1975 Honda MR50 K1 #13 Special Silver/Tahitian Red Completed June 2012
1973 Honda XL175 K0 for George Reynolds - Completed January 2012 1975 Honda XL100 K1 for George Reynolds - Completed January 2012
1973 Honda CT70 K3 Completed May 2012 1971 Honda SL90 K1 Japanese Domestic - Completed December 2011
1971 Honda SL70 K0 Completed Nov 2011 1970 Honda SL100 K0 for Pat Wilkins Completed Dec 2011
Honda SL90 Candytone Blue 
1974 Honda MR50 K0 Completed Sept 2011 1969 Honda SL90   Completed August 2011
       1968 Honda Z50 K0         "Tall-Bar" Finished 2011 1970 Honda CT70H K0 Completed June 2011
1975 Honda MR50 K1 - Finished 2010 1974 Honda MR50 K0 - Finished 2011
1971 Honda SL100 K1 - Finished 2010 1971 Honda SL125 K0 - Finished 2010
73 Honda XR75 #02  1971 Honda SL70 K0 -  Ready to Go !!!!!
 1971 Honda SL70 K0 #78   1971 Honda SL70 K0 #66
1971 Honda CL350 K3    1971 Honda CL350 K3
  1975 Honda MR50 K1  Restored  1971 Honda SL100 K1      Mars Orange
Refurb Project 1970 Honda SL350 K0      Refurb Project 1970 Honda SL350 K0     
1971 Honda SL88      Custom - Mars Orange   1972 Yamaha JT2-L        285 Mile Original - Restored   
1971 Honda SL70 K0        1971 Honda SL70 K0         
1971 Honda SL125 K0       for Kent Farmer 1971 Honda SL70 K0    Light Ruby Red
  1971 Honda SL125 K0 Strato Blue Metallic 1974 Honda XL70 K0 Candy Topaz Orange / Black
 1971 Honda SL125 K0 Strato Blue Metallic #4 1971 Honda SL70 K0   Colors of "Eleanor"
 1976 Honda XR75    Tahitian Red  1971 Honda SL70 K0  Acapulco Blue
1971 Honda SL70 K0  Aquarius Blue 1971 Honda SL70 K0   Aquarius Blue #33
 1971 Honda Z50 K2  Candy Ruby Red    1968 Honda Z50 K0  Scarlet Red / Ivory      "Tall Bar Bike"
1971 Kawasaki 250 F8 Bison 1971 Kawasaki F5 350 Bighorn
1971 Kawasaki G4TR      180 Original Miles 1971 Kawasaki F8 250



Examples of what I do to my own personal bikes.

  • Polished fork tubes, brake backing plates,
  • New spokes and polished rims. 
  • New paint with correct color matching.  
  • I can have any parts re-chromed as an added expense. 
  • I purchase all new nuts/bolts/washers from Honda and keep those in stock so I don’t have to spend labor hours polishing a bunch of old parts. 
  • I have spent quite a bit of time researching paint matching for the frame and engine components. 
  • If you want powder coating on the frame and small parts, I can do that as well, but it adds substantially to the cost and adds up to two weeks on the turnaround time.
  • I send the paint work out and that usually takes a 2-3 week turnaround, and sometimes have a complete body kit in stock for quicker turnaround.


Contact me for further information.




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