Parts For Sale - Honda SL100/SL125

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Reproduction Cables:   SL100 & SL125 K0/K1/K2 Speedometer, Tachometer, Front Brake, Throttle $20 Each, Clutch $20 Each.  Combo Deal, SL125 $80, SL100 $65



Rubber Hand Grips: SL70 / SL100 / SL125 / SL175 / SL350 / SL90 / XL100 / SL250 / ST90  $25/pair


Reproduction Plastic Side Covers  $165/pair

         NOTICE !!!!! If you don't replace your side cover grommets before putting these on your bike I will not warranty them.  Those old grommets are hard and that is why most of the original covers broke as well.




Paint Kits for Your SL100 & SL125

        Candy Ruby Red - SL100

        Mars Orange - SL100

        Candy Sapphire Blue - SL100

        Candy Emerald Green - SL100 & SL125 

        Strato Blue Metallic - SL125 




SL125 Fuel Tank Badges

     SL125 Fuel Tank Badges.  Another breakthrough for replacing the non-existent fuel tank badges for the SL125 K0 model.  These badges are different than any other Honda model in that they are black background and white foreground.  These have been obsolete from Honda for quite some time.  These are made from good solid metal stock and will last a lifetime. - $85/pair.  



Reproduction SL100 K1 Side Cover Badges - Click on picture for more information.

Reproduction SL125 K0 Side Cover Badges - Click on picture for more information

Kick Rubber, Shift Rubber and Wire Harness Straps - $2.50 each


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