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2007 Yamaha WR450F

Disguised as a Street Legal YZ450 in 2007 Limited Edition Colors

Was Yamaha Blue, now White / Grey

Rekluse automatic clutch

Ricky Stator Hi-Output Charging System

Dual Sport America Lights

IMS 3.1 Gal Tank

and so much more......................

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Slightly older pictures below.


The YZ decals proved to be one of the most expensive items.  Yamaha list price is $111.60 each side. 

This is the 3.1 gallon IMS tank that uses the YZ shrouds. 

Another challenge in changing to the white / grey was the seat.  I originally ordered a YZ seat, but it won't fit the WR.  The YZ unit is deeper and resides where the WR battery goes.  I returned the seat and just bought the seat cover.  Trust me when I say that a standard staple gun will not penetrate the plastic seat pan.  I had to take it to an upholstery shop that had an air stapler.  $20 later and this is what you get. 

Here is a picture of the Dual Sport America license assembly with integrated turn signals.  I just drilled four mounting holes and used nice hardware to attach.  I'll eventually put DOT tires on it and get it inspected and licensed.  Main use for this bike is trips to Moab Utah where we unload the bikes and use them on both road and trails.  Nice chrome hardware to mount the tag bracket.  I used plastic washers underneath the head of the bolts.

New taillight and turnsignals.  Much lighter system and smaller signals.


Previous WR426F and how it was set up:

Here is the external diffuser from the muffler.  I put the spark arrestor back in and just left out the tube.  Supposedly this is the first step in uncorking the stock muffler.  I'll leave it like this and if I need more, I'll probably buy an aftermarket muffler and not hack up the stock one.

This is what the muffler looks like with he diffuser and spark arrestor removed.  I had previously drilled out the two rivets to check out the insides, but decided against mods in there.

I removed the stock on/off switch and put a key switch in its' place.  I then integrated the power wire for the DSA kit into the switch as well.  I now have one place to turn everything on.  The key switch works as a kill for the engine as well.

Here is the Dual Sport America headlight unit with integrated turn signals.  The unit is very compact and the horn is supposed to be also mounted behind the shell, but I couldn't get it to fit anywhere in conjunction with the WR's speedometer unit.  So for now, it resides outside the shell.  The DSA Dual Sport kit is fairly easy to install, but ridiculously horrible instructions.  If you need help, let me know.

A dark picture of the adapter on the rear brake reservoir for a switch to activate the brake light.  And also a picture of the adapter for the front brake reservoir.  You have to bleed the brakes after installing.  The rear is a snap.  There is a lot of fluid in the front and I had to fill the reservoir about 3 times before all the air made its' way downhill to the caliper.

Battery with Dual Sport America wiring harness attached, along with a Battery Tender harness.

Replacing the WR rear fender with the YZ proved to be a bit of a challenge and holes and trimming were necessary.  Apparently there isn't a coolant overflow bottle on the YZ and I  made provision for it by cutting holes into the fender to allow the tabs to be bolted to their stock location.  Also, the WR fender has provision to encapsulate the PCM.  I simply unbundled the wiring and found a place to mount it between the frame rail and the rear fender.  Two other spots had to be where it goes around the muffler and another on the bottom edge of the fender where it meets up with the black shock cover.

Almost everything is integrated into one switch on the LH side.  Has indicator lamps for turn signals and high beam.  3-way headlight switch with high / low beam as well as a running light.   Turn signal switch and horn button.  I ended up moving the kill switch further to the right.

Pictures below are of the home-made luggage rack.  Easy to mount a pouch to it for those all-day rides.

This taillight unit turned out to be too heavy for the thin fender.  I tried bracing it a couple of times and eventually gave up.  Now has a small LED tail/stop light and independent LED signals.

Guess what's behind this clutch cover???????????  A Rekluse automatic clutch.  One of the coolest things you will ever do to a trail bike.  This makes the bike where you can either use the clutch lever or let the centrifugal force clutch do the work for you.  This has helped me out of some tight jams, plus the best part is sitting on your bike at a stop light with your left hand no where near the clutch and then just rolling on the throttle.  Freaks other bike riders out.  Cage drivers typically don't understand. Very easy piece to install and the guys at Rekluse are great to work with.

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