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2001 Yamaha WR426F

VIN# JYACJ023X1A001181

Yamaha Blue

This Yamaha is one of the vehicles that we take on the rides to Moab Utah and any other places where we can ride trails and climb hills.  The bike is entirely stock engine wise with the exception of a pipe from a YZ426.  We have fitted the bike with a Baja Designs kit to make it street legal, and added the larger capacity fuel tank for long runs.  The handlebars were replaced with Pro Tapers and it has a Scott steering dampner.    We typically go for 5 days of riding and we ride almost all of the daylight hours available to us. 

If you are a dirt bike rider and have never visited Moab Utah, you owe it to yourself to get there soon.  There are just miles and miles of open land and vehicles of all types from bicycles, unicycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, and jeeps are abundant.  There is no cost to ride these areas, but just be sure to stop by the visitor center and buy detailed maps, or carry a GPS system with you.  The trails can go on for many, many miles.  One notable one, called the White Rim Trail is approximately 105 miles long!  Also be sure to carry plenty of water and snacks as you can use a lot of energy trying to horse your bike up some pretty big hills at times.

Sites in the Moab area that you won’t want to miss:

  • Dead Horse Point

  • Gemini Bridges

  • White Rim Trail

  • Slick Rock

  • Spider Mesa

  • Amasa Back

  • Pritchards Canyon

  • Moab Brewery ! ! ! (be sure to try the hot wings)

Nearly new tires

Some small scratches on fenders etc.

Mirrors, turnsignals, high and low beam headlight, taillight, brakelight and license plate light for streetlegal-ness.  Everything works and can pass inspection at any time.  These bikes come with non-D.O.T. tires and you have to change them to get it inspected for the road.  Tires on the bike are almost new and are D.O.T. tax paid.

I've never had any type of problem with the engine.  Only thing done to it is the removal of the throttle restrictor and the addition of the YZ pipe.  Plenty powerful !!!!

Seat is in great shape.  They made a vast improvement in this from the 'hard' one on the WR400.

Here is a picture of the long range tank.  It looks big and bulky, but sure comes in handy.  Holds over 5 gallons and that is good for a lot of riding.

Lightweight EXCEL rims

Taillight with Brakelight integrated

Home-made license bracket.  The one that came with the Baja Designs kit lasted about 1 ride.

New chain and sprockets and tires.  Approximately 5 hours of riding on them.

Shot of the YZ pipe.  Saves several pounds.

Control switch for on/off, low/high beam, turn signals and horn.

Scott's steering dampner.  Major $$$$, but well worth it.

Original WR Muffler - Replaced with YZ

Original Fuel Tank - New, never used.  Replaced with 5 Gallon long range unit.

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