1972 Yamaha JT2-L #05

VIN# JT1-317765

Mandarin Orange / Yellow

Restoration completed 02/08/2009.  Finished pictures at the beginning and then build pictures follow.  Special thanks to Tim Parsons for his assistance and small parts.  This was a 285 mile original bike that either got damaged in transit or the guy I bought it from lied to me about its' condition.  I let it sit and gather dust for a while, but in the end, it deserved a restoration.  The paint was matched to the original Yamaha color to perfection. I Used the original tank badges, original seat, rims etc.  I did get a different very straight fuel tank so that I didn't have mud in it.  The cables and wiring are all original as well.

These are the original rims/spokes to the bike, just cleaned them up.  That is the original front tire as well.  New fork seals and dust boots.   Stripped and repainted the fork lowers.

Just can't beat the original tank badges.

Engine was disassembled, ultra-sonic cleaned and put back together with the stock piston ring and bore job.  I did put a new fuel petcock on it as I do intend to start it at some point.  The original ones are notorious for leaking.  There's even a NOS air filter element inside the canister.

New Zinc plating on all hardware.

Original shocks.

Yep, there's the 285 mile original speedometer.  NOS Ignition Switch.

I put a NOS Hi/Low/Horn Switch on it.  Original was tarnished.

Another shot of the original seat.

My painter does a damn good job, doesn't he?

Cleaned, stripped and painted the exhaust.

Matching engine and frame numbers.

Pictures of the build process.


This is the way I got the bike.


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