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1971 Yamaha JT-1 #03

Desert Orange

Nicely redone bike with a new rod kit, new piston/rings, decent paint and newly refurbished seat.  Chrome is very nice.  Bike has an original number plate and attachment pieces.

This is an original number plate and not a reproduction.

Reproduction Tank Badges.

This early model JT-1 can be identified by the placement of the fuel petcock.  The later versions had a new styled air cleaner set up which necessitated moving the petcock forward on the side of the tank.

Yamaha sold an optional Lighting kit for the JT-1 and these holes in the fender were plugged with simple rubber plugs until you decided to plop down the money for the lights.

Early JT's had this Acorn nut on the triple tree indicating the "thin" steering stem which looks like a bolt coming up from the bottom.  Later models got the steering stem which looked more like a piece of pipe and then a much larger nut.

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