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1973 Yamaha AT3

Beautifully restored bike.  Electric Start 125cc model.


Brigade Blue



125CC Year Start Run # Finish Color
AT1 1969 AT1-100101 AT1-119829 Pearl White
AT1M 1969 AT1-300101 AT1-303790 Pearl White
AT1B 1970 AT1-120101 AT1-138890 Comp. Yellow
AT1BMX 1970 AT1-310101 AT1-312326 Comp. Yellow
AT1C 1971 AT1-139101 AT1-162879 Brilliant Red
AT1MX 1971 AT1-313101 AT1-317191 Brilliant Red
AT2 1972 AT1-165101 AT1-197560 Mand. Orange
AT2-MX 1972 AT1-317101 AT1-323520 Mand. Orange
AT3 1973 AT1-200101 AT1-232651 Brigade Blue
ATMX 1973 AT1-325101 AT1-336470 Silver Dust

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