Old Pictures

1969 Alexander Reynolds Mini-Bike

Purchased at the local Western Auto store in Okmulgee Oklahoma.

Red, then I painted it Purple!

I drove the salesman at the local Wards store nuts going by every day after school and sitting on this bike.  It was in the window facing the street and I pointed it out to my mom everytime we went by.  I probably wore out the seat even before taking it from the store.  The bike had a Tecumseh 3.5 HP engine.  I made some mods to it:  removed muffler and built one out of galvanized pipe, had the seat recovered in tuck 'n' roll,  and....disassembled it and spray painted it purple!  I remember that this bike had a rear sprocket that was just about the same size as the rear wheel and if you went around a right hand corner, it would scrape the chain on the concrete.  I wore a path around the house going around in circles......I wasn't allowed on the street.  I learned to turn left really well.


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