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1971 Suzuki T125R Stinger #01

VIN:  T125-115784

Morrow Green

VERY RARE BIKE.  Original bike with very minor wear for the few miles that are on it.  Original chrome, rims, spokes, seat, grips, mirrors etc.  This bike runs very well, blinkers, lights etc work.  I have the original owners manual, warranty card, service card, registration and title for the bike.  Also have a Suzuki riders guide book that came with it as well.  Bike was originally purchased from Hardwick's Cycle Shop in Dallas Texas.  I have touched up a few areas and have also repainted the tank in Morrow Green with new stripes.  The fenders do show very small spots where the chrome wasn't that great to begin with.  They are not bad enough that I would want to rechrome them.

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This little pouch contains a set of carburetor jets.  I'm told this is one of the rarest items to find for this bike.


There is still a tool kit under the seat.

Original Suzuki Grips

Original Suzuki Mirrors

Vacuum Shutoff Petcock - NOS piece

Mikuni Downdrafts

Original Suzuki Headlamp - Both Beams work

Original Owners Manual, Riders Guide, Title, Warranty Card, Registration and Maintenance Card.

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