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My Cars

1969 Ford Mustang Convertible

Acapulco Blue / White Interior

408 c.i. Fuel Injected, Windsor Engine, Tremec TKO 5-speed, 3.50 Trac-lok, 18" Boyd Coddington Wheels, 13" Baer 4 wheel disc brakes, Deluxe interior.  Blacked out hood Mach 1 style.  Great Stereo, Rack & Pinion Steering and much more.

Just added!!!!!   Baer Brakes, 14" rotors w/6 piston calipers.  Lot's of Whoa Power.

402 Rear Wheel Horsepower.  415 Rear Wheel Torque.

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If you are wondering how I got these pictures.......The highway is actually a viaduct that is over a wide valley and the main river that flows next to Dallas Texas downtown area. It is a one way street that is used to get from downtown to the oldest housing neighborhood in Dallas. The bridge is heavily utilized in the afternoon when people are leaving work to return home, but  sporadically used otherwise.

I simply had everything ready, pulled to the side of the road, and then when traffic cleared, pulled out and took the picture.  The Acapulco blue on the car is difficult to get a good picture of when it is in bright sunshine. 

All in all, I got very lucky to get the shot framed the way it is.


I bought this car off a gentleman near Boston and drove it to Dallas.  I had a green one, but when this came up for sale and was the colors that I was going to make the other one, it only made sense to sell the green one and make an offer.

The car had a broken motor mount and I had to drive it home gingerly, but covered almost 1900 miles in 2 days.  Other than the mount, the transmission was hitting the tunnel and the gauges would all of a sudden decide to go to the full right hand position several times.  I drove through some incredible rain storms and let's just say that the top wasn't adjusted properly.......It was a great drive and I will always be able to say "I drove it home".

My plan for this car is to have a very fast, reliable and good handling car.  I don't intend to keep it stock or .... uninteresting.  I've changed things one at a time instead of just taking the thing apart and ending up with a completed car.  I've gone through 3 sets of wheels/tires and different brakes, 2 iterations of stereo etc.

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