1969 Shelby Mustang Convertible GT350

Acapulco Blue - Serial #: 9F03M482101

351 Windsor / Automatic


My dream car!  That's about all I need to say except that I took it completely apart and restored it in 8 weeks time.  Just in time for a Shelby Nationals event in Atlanta where the car took a first place popular vote.

The car had a 351 Windsor that had never been out of the car and with a/c, tilt and all the options, it made a great parade car.  I drove and enjoyed this car for quite a few years and it never failed to gather a lot of attention.  I think over time I just became very wary of driving a car that they only made 194 of.  I ended up trading it for a Sunbeam Tiger (not a toaster) and some cash.  This was at a time where it was important to have money instead of cars.

I always loved the Acapulco Blue color and vowed that someday I would return to the car hobby and if possible, the car would be that color.  This is the inspiration for the 69 Mustang Convertible that I now own.  I feel better about personalizing the regular Mustang to my tastes.  Wonder where this car is now?

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Also at the chili factory.
And again.
I spent a lot of time trying to get this to look good.
Went crazy for a bit and put Polyglas tires on it.
This is at an old ghost town in N. Texas.

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