SL70 Artifacts

Hopefully you will find things of interest here.  If you have other cool things from the past, please let me post them for everyone to enjoy !

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Honda Dealer SL70 Setup Instructions



Honda Dealer SL70 Service Manual 
<---SL70 K1

SL70 K0 --->

Wiring Diagrams

Honda Dealer SL70 K0 Brochure 

Honda Warranty Artifacts
Ever wonder how much warranty your old Honda came with? Check this out to the left.  6 mo or 4,000 miles.  

Rules of the Road Publication


Honda  SL70 K0 Owners Manual
Honda  SL70 Mini-Cycle Comparison Magazine  

Honda  SL70 K0 Side Cover Decal
Honda  SL70 K0 Magazine Ad
VJMC Club Magazine

Honda  SL70 Magazines with Articles
Miscellaneous Pictures
All the SL70 K0 Colors
Multi_SL70s.jpg Click on these to enlarge and read about a real time SL70 Motocross Champ Multi_SL70s.jpg  
Multi_SL70s.jpg And one for the MR50 fans in the house   

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