SL70 K0 Wiring Harness 


For the past couple of years, there has been a reproduced SL70 K0 main wiring harness available on the market.  These harnesses have been sold through several retail outlets, but recently it has been discovered that there is an issue with everyone of them made.  

Essentially, there are two problems with the harness and unless you are very diligent with making everything work on the bike, you may not have found the issues.

If you install the harness 'as-is', the bike will still start and run, but the headlight will not function.  If you happen to find that problem with the wiring that is pinned incorrectly, the lights will come on, but will be very dim.  The second issue is harder to fix and requires tearing into the harness.

I offer an exchange service for repaired harness.  If you send me your harness and $75, I send you back one that is repaired and ready to be installed.

I also sell the repaired harnesses outright for $100.

There are some wires that are incorrectly tied together inside the harness.

Here is what you will get if you remove the connector pins and put them in the correct order.      

A very dim headlight.

SL70 K0 Ignition Switch.  Brand new switch.    $75 - The SL70 K0 ignition switch is unique to that bike.  The K1 switch will not work without changing out the entire wire harness.   This is a genuine Honda switch and not a reproduction.






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