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Some of the completed Honda jobs 

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1975 Honda XL350 - Excel Black/Red


1973 Honda SL125 - Special Silver / Matte Black



1972 Honda CB750 K2 - Flake Sunrise Orange


1969 Honda CL350 K1 - Candytone Red


1969 Honda CL350 K1 - Candytone Red




1974 Honda CB550K - Flake Sunrise Orange / Black



1971 Honda CL100 - Poppy Yellow - everything on the tank is decals.



1973 Honda TL125 Tahitian Red / Silver


1973 Honda CB750 - Candy Bacchus Olive - everything on the tank is decals.


1969 Honda CL175 K3 Candy Orange


1982 Honda CBX Pearl Altair White


1976 Honda Z50 Parakeet Yellow


1982 Honda XR80 Tahitian Red


1972 Honda CL100 K2 Hawaiian Blue Metallic


1975 Honda CL360 Candy Topaz Orange


Randy Here is some more of your magic. A perfect, perfect paint job,thank you. Feel free to show this on your web page as well.I am currently looking for a new project (1970s 125 mx bike) You will be getting a call for paint work. If you know of a 74 Yz or74 Kx 125 let me know. Thanks again Tom Cox Tucson Az


1972 Honda SL125 K1 Special Silver / Flat Black


1977 Honda CB400F Candy Antares Red

Honda CL175 K5 Candy Topaz Orange


Honda CL450 K6 Candy Sapphire Blue Flake

Honda SL100 K3 Fire Red

Honda Z50A K1 Candytone Red / Silver

Hello Randy,
I thought you might want to see some pictures of your handy work. If you want to use these on your site feel free.
Charles Turner



1970 Honda SL100 K0 Candy Ruby Red

Dear Randy,
I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for your assistance in fixing up my original owned 1970 SL100. You helped me source a few parts and and was responsible for the paint job.
I bought the bike new in June of 1970 with my own money at age 15. I paid $479.00, with tax, $502.00. It was used hard and put away for 25 years until 2003, when I spent 6 years bringing it back to this condition. I did not strip it down and start a frame-up resto. I just replaced worn parts with NOS parts, rebuild the engine, and painted it. I put SL125 wheels on her for better road manners, and ride it to the famous Rock Store near Malibu, CA where a crowd gathers whenever it shows up.
Thanks again, and in the future, I'm gonna buy a 1970 SL350 from you...perfectly restored mind you!
Robert "Beast" Best


Honda CL90 - Candytone Blue / Silver

1969 Honda CL90 Candytone Blue

Honda CT70 K0 - Candy Ruby Red

1969 Honda CT70 Candy Ruby Red

Honda CB750 - Candy Blue Green

1969 Honda CB750 K0 Candy Blue Green

Honda SL1000 K2 - Candy Ruby Red

1972 Honda SL100 K2 Candy Ruby Red

Honda SL350 K2 - Candy Panther Gold - Yellow and black are painted as well

Honda CT90

Honda CT90 - Mars Orange / Gray

Honda CT90

Honda 1977 XL350 - Tahitian Red/Black

1977 Honda XL350

My oh my,,, I am speechless. You are the definition of artisan. I cannot believe how beautiful you can make them, better than new!!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work.  I am sure glad I never tried thison my own there is no way I could do that.
Next set all boxed up and ready to ship is the TS-400 Suzuki, tank and fenders. Same strip orange.
Following that the TL 125 work.


Honda 1972 CR250 - Aluminum tank w/clear and then Expert Green.  Fenders and other parts in Special Silver and Expert Green.      

1972 Honda CR250 ELSINORE

1972 Honda CR250 ELSINORE

Hi Randy ,
Sorry for not responding sooner - some small crises here - all OK now . The tank looks great - beyond new really as the clear has more shine and depth than I remember . You nailed Expert Green - has that '' black look '' that most guys get wrong . I could write a book on all the problems I have had related to this tank and a spare I bought just in case . Still trying to get an answer as to when I'm getting it back . Worse than that a guy sold me an NOS tank that was supposedly perfect , but arrived with some deep scratches on both sides . He said he would refund my money - accepted the tank back - and then tells me he spent the money and needs a month to come up with it . It is a month today and I don't have it back and he isn't answering e-mails . Can't seem to buy a break ! On the price difference - it's high , but it looks very nice and I don't like to chisel someone out of a living . I'll keep you posted as to when I can ever expect to see the darn thing back - I'd have him drop ship , but I want to make sure it's OK before sending it to you . Does your guy do the '' brush finish '' work ?


Hi Randy:

See attached. Restored to very, very, very near new condition. Very few parts are not NOS, the rest are original equipment restored to new condition.   Your paint work is fantastic.



Honda 1971 SL70 K0 - Light Ruby Red

Honda SL70 Light Ruby Red Paint

            Honda 1971 SL70 - Aquarius Blue              

Honda SL70 Aquarius Blue Paint Fuel Tank

Honda 1971 SL70 - Light Ruby Red   

Honda SL70 Light Ruby Red Paint Tank

Honda 1971 SL70 - Summer Yellow   

Honda SL70 Summer Yellow Paint Tank

Honda 1971 SL70 - Mars Orange - Custom  

Honda SL70 Mars Orange Paint Tank

Honda 1971 SL350 K1 - Candy Sapphire Blue

Honda SL350 Candy Sapphire BLue Paint

Honda 1971 SL70 - Candy Emerald Green - Custom  

Honda SL70 Candy Emerald Green

Honda 1972 Z50AK3 - Light Ruby Red

Honda Z50 1972 Light Ruby Red

Honda 1971 SL100 - Candy Emerald Green

Honda SL100 Candy Emerald Green

Honda 1971 SL125 - Strato Blue Metallic   

Honda SL125 Strato Blue Metallic Paint Tank

Honda 1971 SL350 - Candy Ruby Red

Honda SL350 Candy Ruby Red Paint Tank

Honda 1971 SL350 - Candy Sapphire Blue   

Honda SL350 Candy Sapphire Blue Paint Tank

Honda 1972 XL250 K0 - Special Silver

Honda XL250 Special Silver Paint

Honda 1973 SL125 K2 - Special Silver

Honda SL125 Special Silver Paint

Honda 1975 MR50 K1 - Special Silver / Tahitian Red

Honda MR50 Silver Paint Tank

Honda 1974 MR50 K0 - Daytona Orange

1974 Honda MR50 K0 Daytona Orange

Honda 1974 MR50 K0 - Custom - Special Silver and Expert Green

Expert Green

Honda Z50 K0 - Candy Red / Ivory / Cloud Silver

Z50 K0 Candy Red

Honda 1968 Z50 K0 - Bright yellow / ivory

1975 H2 Body Kit

Honda 1969 Z50 K1 - Candytone Blue / Silver

1975 H2 Body Kit

Honda 1975 Light Ruby Red CB400F

Honda CB400F Light Ruby Red

Honda CT70 K0 Candy Sapphire Blue

Candy sapphire Blue

Honda CT70H K0 Candy Blue Green

CT70 Candy Blue Green

CT70 Candy Blue Green

Honda 1969 CB750 K0 Candy Ruby Red

Honda CB750 Candy Ruby Red

Can you tell which one of these headlight ears is NOS and which one is repainted?

Honda CB750 Candy Ruby Red

1972 Honda SL125 K1 - Special Silver

Honda SL125 K1

Honda SL125 K1

1971 Honda SL175 K1 - Candy Sapphire Blue

Honda SL175 K1

1970 Honda SL175 K0 - Candy Topaz Orange

Honda SL175 K0 Candy Topaz Orange

1971 Honda CB750 - Flake Sunrise Orange

Honda CB750 Flake Sunrise Orange

1974 Honda CB750 - Flake Sunrise Orange

Honda CB750 Flake Sunrise Orange

1974 Honda XL70 K0 - Candy Topaz Orange

1975 Honda XR75 - Tahitian Red

Tahitian Red

Honda XL350 - Monza Red

1975 Honda XL175 - Tahitian Red

Honda Tahitian Red

Honda Tahitian Red

1970 Honda CB350K2 - Candy Gold (dark version)

Honda Tahitian Red

1973 Honda CB125S0 - Candy Topaz Orange - stripes are painted on

Candy Topaz Orange

1970 Honda CB175K4 - Candy Ruby Red

Candy Ruby Red

1975 Honda XL350 K2 - Excel Black w/Red

Tahitian Red

1971 Honda SL350 K1 - Candy Topaz Orange

Honda SL350 K1 Candy Topaz Orange

Honda 1969 SL90 Candytone Blue

Honda SL90 Candytone Blue

Honda QA50 Sprout Green

Sprout Green

Honda 1976 CB750 - Candy Antares Red

1975 H2 Body Kit

Honda 1973 XR75 K0 - Rubber Grey Metallic

1975 H2 Body Kit

Honda 1972 CB100 K2 - White / Black / Aquarius Blue

1975 H2 Body Kit

Honda 1970 CB100 K0 - Candy Gold

1975 H2 Body Kit

Honda 1971 CB100 K1 - Candy Ruby Red

1975 H2 Body Kit

Honda 1971 CB350 K3 - Candy Gold

Original on the right with slight fading from the years.

Honda 1975 XL100 K1 - Candy Ruby Red


Honda 1972 CL100 - Candy Yellow

1972 Honda CL100 Candy Yellow

Honda 1974 MT250 - Silver / Daytona Orange / Black

CUSTOM - Honda 1971 SL100 - Strato Blue Metallic

Strato Blue Metallic

Hi Randy,

Just had time this afternoon to open the tank and sidecovers I received from you and I am VERY PLEASED. Thank you for taking the time and effort to perform such a fantastic job for me as I greatly appreciate it and you have "sealed the deal" for future paint projects. I am either going to send you the parts for my 1969 CL175K3 in Candy Topaz Orange or the 1969 SL90 in Candy Ruby Red next week or as soon as I have time to get them to you. Should I send them to the same address as the 450 items and approximately what is your turn around time right now? No real hurry, just curious. Again it is good to know that there are "still" people like you out there to accomodate pickey and particular individuals like myself. Take care Randy and have a great remaining weekend!

Sincerely, Greg Guffey

Hi Randy--

Received tank/fenders/side plates today. The quality of your work is tremendous. These parts are flawless and look incredible.
Thanks again for such high quality of work.

Billy K. Sipe, Jr.

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