Friends and Customers - Part Deaux

This is Page 2 of archived photos and stories by friends and customers of Marblesmotors

Nice little SL70 owned by Tim Taylor.   Optional snow tires installed !!!!!

Some vintage pictures sent in by Mike and June Shell - He met her in college and their first date was on a CB100 !!!!  Great before and after pictures of the two of them.  That's Mike with his dad in the picture with the Honda step-thru.




NX650 owned by Miles Albertson.  Paint and decal reproduction by Marblesmotors


 "I re-visted your site today and noticed that my bike didn't make your "friends" page. I would be happy to offer testimonial on the AWESOME paint work you had done for me. Enclosed is Dominic Magnoni's fully refurbished 1970 SL175-K0 in Candy Sapphire Blue."


Russ Beckers' XR500 in a C&J Frame that he races in AHRMA events.


Just wanted to say the paint job was, "freakin' flawless".  Enclosed is a picture of the finished project. thanks again.  Monte Labatut


Col. George Reynolds

"I returned home on leave from Afghanistan almost as excited to see my Marbles Motors-restored SL70 as I was to see my family. I was not disappointed. Randy, you are truly an artist and craftsman. Thanks for making my "first" Honda look better than it did the day in 1971 that my Dad gave it to me as a birthday gift!"


Joe Johnston has a late model Corvette painted in Atomic Orange and he wanted his CBRXX to match and this is how it turned out.  The contrast of Orange against the Black is fantastic.  Paint by Marblesmotors


Ralph Edwards runs SE PowderCoating in Savage Minnesota.  Here is one of his bikes that is a tribute to the Green Hornet show.  Many of you remember the Hornet's alter ego, Britt Reed, publisher of the Daily Sentinel played and was played by Van Williams.  The Black Beauty car was driven by none other than Bruce Lee aka Kato.  Contact Ralph for your powder coating needs.  He has my double-secret formula for matching the silver Honda SL frames.


Tim Hare had a CL175 as a youth...........guess what he found recently?


Tim Lavoie builds some pretty mean mini-bikes as evidenced by these two.

Roger Smith's Vintage CT90 - Check it out....made 2 calendars for 2012.

Paint by Marblesmotors

A couple of pictures of great bikes owned by Brian Atwood

Obis Brea and his son Omar at the 2011 Barber Vintage Festival VJMC Show.  The SL100 took a 3rd place trophy in a sea of Hondas.  Paint by Marblesmotors!

Marblesmotors booth at Mid-Ohio 2011.  

MAN WAS IT HOT !!!!!!!!







Jay Gaard recently added this beautiful Husky 400 to his collection

Here is Scott Hendricks CZ100 - One of the smallest Honda's ever made

Minnesota Chapter of VJMC 2011 Motorcycle Show

Best in show!
     Rodney and Olivia Brown for their Honda SL175 K1

Rags to Riches story.  Jerry Cameron located HIS original SL70 and has now brought it back to its' original Summer Yellow glory.  And today, July 12, 2011 is a special day as it is the 40th anniversary of the day he got the bike as evidenced by the owners card.  I had a great time helping Jerry get his bike back together and I bet he doesn't let it get away again.  Congratulations Jerry!   Truly a great job.  Oh yeah........paint by Marblesmotors


Peter Grunwalt asked us to paint his MR50 to match his MT250 so that is Daytona Orange on the top with Black pinstripes

Anonymous Owner - 1977 Z50

Anonymous Owner - 1982 QR50 turned into a kids carnival ride.  Moves and makes engine noise.

Looks like Howdy Doody is having a fun time!

Here's something you can do with your spare 175cc engine.

Percy Clark's SL125 K0 in Poppy Yellow.  Still has the original paint !!!!!

 Chris Hurd's SL350 K2

April 2011 Denton Cycle Center Anniversary Celebration with a guest appearance by the Great Wheelie-ing Elvi in full regalia

David Morales showed off his incredible talent and flair with his mini trail creations.

March 2011 AHRMA Historic Road Race at Motorsport Ranch - Cresson Texas

Scott Zupner in the early 1970's on his SL70 at the Indian Dunes Mini Grand Prix.

Jim Cucurull lives in Alaska and just finished this beauty in time to show off his SL175 K0 this summer.  Paint by Marbles Motors.  Congratulations Jim......beautiful work.

Phil Brandt and his son are bringing this SL350 K1 back from the dead.  It was a very rusty/crusty bike, but he wanted to share the experience with his son and it is starting to look fantastic.  Paint by Marbles Motors.

Bob Mitchell's Elsinore.

Hi Randy:

See attached.  Restored to very, very, very near new condition.  Very few parts are not NOS, the rest are original equipment restored to new condition.  Your paint work is fantastic.

Barry Unema's SL350 starting to take shape !

Jerry Cameron's original Mini-Bike - Purchased at J.C. Penney and his SL70

  Greg Pitt - 1982 Yamaha MX-80 and paint by Marblesmotors

Hi Randy,
I got the MX 80 tank today. Man....what a difference. It looks awesome!
Not the best picture but you get the idea.

    Before and after SL70 by Barry Unema


and his Man Cave


Excellent Z50 K0 Restoration by John Sachs and Paint by Marblesmotors


Really nice CL100 K2 by Tony Santora and Paint by Marblesmotors

Hey Randy,

I just wanted to send you a few pictures of the CL100 tank and side covers
you did for me last summer. With the exception of a new ignition switch and
a correct seat cover, the project is finished. A friend of mine rebuilt the
engine and your paint work was a big hit. Everybody at the hangar liked it a
lot. Thanks again for the great work. You will be my first call when I need
other work done.




Another incredible job by Mike Weiland - 1967 Bridgestone GTR350




Barry Unema and his SL90.


We painted the body sets for these bikes for David Christopherson.  Love that Orange Suzuki.

Suzuki TS250, Honda MT250, Honda SL125

Randy has painted several items for me and all are of the highest possible quality with superior workmanship and keen attention to detail. Although I reside in Washington state, I entrust my vintage bike painting only to Randy Marble and no one else. I guarantee you will be very pleased with his work.


Jay Gaard - Restored this SL70 with an NOS tank and our Summer Yellow paint was a perfect match for the NOS parts.  We did the fenders, side covers etc.  Beautiful job Jay.





Brian Hendrix sent in these pictures of his SL125 K1.



Obis Brea found this MT250 that is near perfect.  Says the tank has been replaced with a near mint one, but other than that................unrestored!!!!!   Great find.



This is Dave Johnson's newly repainted SL350 K1.  Great job Dave.

Steve Schrader lives right down the road from me.  He bought one of my really nice original, good running SL70's, then came back for paint and parts.  He has made a very nice presentable bike out of this one........and in record time.  Paint by Marblesmotors



Be sure to supersize these pictures and see the detail work that Bob Judd did on this SL90.  We did the paint work and he did the rest.  Beautiful job.


I just got home from work (3:00 A.M.) and opened the box you sent. WOW ! It's just what I was hoping for Randy. You really nailed the color. Great job. I'm one happy camper. I'll be in touch when I finish up the restoration. The $15.00 check is on the way for the side cover sticker. Thanks much Randy. Take care..............................Bob 


This is a beautiful SL125 K0 in Candy Emerald Green owned by Bob Chiluk.  Incredible detail work.




Pete Beers Collection - Says he resurected the SL350 and CL350 from the dead, but found the CB360 in storage and looks brand new.



Tim Lavoi - Look at this crazy machine !!!!  Nitrous and all.


    Andy T.  Brighton U.K. SL70 K0 Before and After pictures.


Jeff May's impeccable SL100 K1 in Mars Orange.  Paint by Marblesmotors.




John Durigon's SL70 K1 with 110cc engine and Marblesmotors custom exhaust pipe


2010 Minneapolis VJMC Show - Thanks to Rodney Brown.  As usual, his daughter Olivia took home the trophy with her SL70.  That's a Nitrous injected z50 and one of the nicest XL250's I've ever seen......looks brand new.  The Purple SL70 custom is the latest to make its' way out Rodney's basement.  I think he has already sent an e-mail to Brett Favre about selling the bike to him.  I hear his new contract with the Vikings will allow him a little discretionary income.





      SL100 Restoration by Obis Brea

Just got the parts . Everything arrived in perfect conditions thanks to how well it was pack. I am really impresed on what a wonderful job was done. I even got an oem piece that I bought painted candy emerald green old stock and the paint matches perfect. Only one minor set back, there are no holes for the badges on the side covers!!!!. Do you have a template??? Any ideas on what should I do???

Let me know, my badges are in good shape but I might get some new ones from you later. I still have a lot of work ahead including painting the frame. I hope the can of spray you sent me will cover the whole frame, Will I need more paint?

Hope to hear from you soon




Mark Peterson of Southwest Superbikes is doing the 'anti-chrome' to his 2010 FLTR Road Glide

Latest SL125 Restoration from Richard Whitley Collection



Randy, that is Absolutely Wonderful !!!!!! I will pay you which ever way you want. So much appreciate you taking your time to help me out. Thought I would have to wait awhile on these, and they are the only things holding me back from finishing the Bike. Let me know about cost and payment. You and your family have a Merry Christmas! Thanks again!!!! Rick.


Two Beautiful SL100's from Richard Whitley Collection



Dave Marascio's SL350 - Dave and Rick Whitley (above) were childhood riding friends reunited through Marblesmotors


   Danny Gouveia's QA50

Ricky Quay's SL70

Jeff Weldon's Collection


   Mike Weiland bought this Strato Blue SL125 from me, and did a beautiful job of restoring it as you can see in the pictures below.


           Another Gem from the basement of Rodney Brown.  This one in Summer Yellow being given the final polish by Olivia.  I think Olivia does most of the work around there!



From way up north and our Canadian neighbor in Alberta Ontario, Jay Milner and his son have had a lot of enjoyment building a few bikes.  The first is a 120cc SL70 that took some real fabrication to fit everything, but Jay reports that it runs really well.  The second picture is Jay and son on their Kikker Bobbers.


Jon Jones labored long and hard on this SL350 K0 to mimic the one that he had as a teenager.  Jon didn't spare any expense and now he says that he is ready to wheelie it all the way down to the DMV to get the license plate for it.  Paint by Marblesmotors.



Don Pizarro put together this beautiful CT70H and presented it this Christmas to his nephew as a present for him and for his daughter when he decides to give it up to her.  As you can see, she is maybe a little bit short for it, but it already has a personalized license plate with her name 'Sydney" on it.  Good luck keeping her off of it in a couple of years.



Trevor Gleeson and his SL70 K1

Todd Gipson and his award winning SL175 K0.  Todd won first place at the 2008 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival in the 70's class.  He had a lot of tough competition from other Japanese bikes including CBX's....CL's, CB's and other SL's.  Congratulations Todd !!!!!


Louis Miori Reliving the past with the two bikes he had as a youngster


Old timey pictures of Rick Smith.  I sold him an XL250 so it can replace this one which was stolen from him when he was a kid.


Willie Morse's beautiful Repli-Racer Elsinore


A couple of restorations by Jeff Noble

Mark Moebius struttin' his stuff in the early 70's.


Mark Lindhorst circa 1975


Some pictures from Dan Rowe's collection of Bikes and Kids !!!!





Dan from Thailand and his SL125 K1.  Check out the number of Kilometers this bike has gonel. This is the Asian domestic model of the SL125 with Blinkers and the upswept exhaust.    




   Miscellaneous Z50 Pictures

  Candy Topaz Orange Twins


Moving day - Moved in 2005 from Dallas to Lucas Texas


Summer Yellow, Aquarius Blue, Light Ruby Red - A Trio of SL70 K0's.







One of the nicest original SL70 K0's that I've seen from the collection of another fellow Honda Nut !!!!! - Actually just a sample of what he has......








I had to clean out the garage the other day


An Aussie road warrior from the past

                       Rod Boyle                               


A really nice SL350 K2 - Owned by Ron Ward 

SL350 K1 - Jack Snyder                                     SL350 K2 - Jack Snyder


           ---- Greg Luthers Yamaha XS2 ----                  


-----  Greg Murray Collection -----

I sold Rodney Boyle all the parts to build this bike including the painted kit.  He did a fabulous job of putting it together



This is one FINE XR75 owned by Rodney Boyle ---- and his Trio of SL70's




                 My old buddy Monty "Dream" Hill has been working on this Superhawk for some time.  Looks like it may finally turn out to be something 'Super' !!!!!   Enlarge the picture to see the details.

Oops..........Now its' completed

How about a Motard version of an SL70 by Mark Robinson


Gerry Peterson - Really nice SL70, 125 Scrambler, and my personal favorite ---- His Then Came Bronson Replica Sportster.  For those of you that remember..........that long lonesome highway..... and   "you hang in there" quote, this one really brings back some memories.  Supersize these pictures for detail.





Mike Agolia - Mike now has several of my really nice bikes in his collection.  He has put together a very impressive group of bikes.  Mike is a go-getter......from the time he buys a bike, till it is taken apart, detailed and back together is no time at all.   That Z50 K2 in the first picture is his actual original bike.  I recently restored it for him and now it will sit in his collection and bring back many memories.  Thanks for all your business Mike !!



Louis Miori - My friend from Houston and his Harley


Jim and Ron Brundies - Nice Collection!!!






Mike and June Shell - He met her in college and their first date was on a CB100 !!!!



Here is an 'in process' shot of an SL350 that I sold to Mike Coors in Alabama.  He is doing an excellent job and it is going to turn out fantastic !!

Rodney Brown SL70 K0 - Before & After - Rodney built this bike for his daughter.  That's his daughter Olivia and she is holding a picture of Rodney's original SL70.  Fantastic job Rodney !!!!!   Once the Minnesota winter breaks, I'm sure you'll start having fun with it.


Now this is impressive...................Olivia takes her SL70 to her first ever VJMC bike show and takes best in class 100cc and under.  One of many trophies to come for this girl !

Rodney Brown - Another magnificent creation and future model Olivia.


Tom Melta's SL350 K2 restoration project in Marina Blue.  Just a 'sneak' peek !!!!!



   Just a few bikes from the collection of Rich Gerhold !!



   My old buddy Mike Duffy has created a "Monster".  This is his pit bike for the Drag Races and it has a 6.5 hp engine, crazy rake to the fork and he says it wheelies at the touch of the throttle, and he has the Rash to prove it!


"Good for the Economy" friend Steve Wests' 2007 Street Glide



A beautiful restoration on a European SL125.  Built by Randy Mann.  Notice the upswept exhaust, making room for the passenger pegs.  Color:  Candy Ruby Red



A beautiful restoration job on a 1972 Honda SL100 K2 performed by Stuart Davis.  Check out the before and after pictures.  Gotta love that Tortoise Green.


Another Cleaning day....  That's Shiner guarding the herd !!!!


Glen Sheets - His original MR50 on the Left.   One I fixed him up with on the Right.


Steve Rollman on his new SL70 and ATC 90.


Mitch Boehm jumping his XR75 - Mitch is editor of the new Motor Retro Magazine


Lieven Emonts-gast on his XL350.  Exported for him to Belgium


Andy from Australia and his restored SL70 K0


Dan from Thailand sent me these pictures









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