1970 Honda SL350 K0 #2

Mike Pinckney

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This is what I discovered upon taking the front fender off the bracket.  It is obvious that this bike went down after it was painted.  These spots don't show once installed.

Disassembled the front end, heated up the steering stop which was moved over to one side by about 1/4 of an inch and moved it back into position.  This is a picture after the repair and repaint.

Engine after some detailing and new paint

Other side of steering stop after repair and repaint.

Forks were sanded down, primed and painted.

This is what the back side of the side cover looks like where it is cracked.  It was obviously repaired before repainting.

Back frame loop sanded, primed and painted.

New 350 badges.

New Grips.

Front fender bracket repainted.

This is what it looks like with the steering stop repaired.  Now has plenty of stop before hitting the tank.

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