1971 Kawasaki F8 250 Bison #02

Restoration Project - Mike Krupka

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Inner Fender Support - Powder

Lot's of shiny new Chrome

This is the powder coating that I didn't like.  It is way too gray for my taste.

All the New Spokes

2 New Sets of Brake Shoes

New Taillight Lens

Full Set of New Cables

New Handgrips

New Footpeg Rubbers

New Rear Brake Switch

New Fork Dust Seals

New Battery

New Levers

New Chain

New Mirrors

Fork Seals

Carb Kit

New Taillight Wiring

Tubes and Rim Strips

Brand new Speedometer

Brand new Rear Shocks

Blurry picture on NOS LH Switch Assembly

Battery Band

New clutch friction discs

Lots of misc rubber pieces

End of Evening 12/17/2007

end of day 12/16/2007


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