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1975 Kawasaki Z1B 900

VIN# ?


Finally got a real superbike in 1979 when I bought this bike.  As I recall, it had very few miles on it and still had the original exhaust which I of course tossed in favor of a Kerker 4 – 1 system (wish I had those originals back now).  You can also see that I put an LTD type seat on it to keep my butt in place when blasting off.  I participated in more illegal street races with this bike than I care to admit.  I owned this bike when I lived in Edmond Oklahoma and was still in college.  The internals of the engine were stock but because I was so skinny, it would really haul ass.  The KZ1000 had come out by the time I owned this, but I could still out run them, mostly because of driver ability.

The funniest story about this one is how I came to lose this bike.  In 1980, Kawasaki introduced the GPZ1100 model.  I wanted one so bad, but didn’t really have the funds and would have to finance it.  I went to the Kawasaki dealer every Saturday waiting for the first one to come in.  I made a deal with the dealer that if it would out run my bike I would go ahead and buy it.  When the first one came in, he fired it up and off we went to a deserted area.  Let’s just say……I then had 36 months of payments and a GPZ1100.


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Old pictures - Z1B 900 Old pictures - Z1B 900



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