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1972 Kawasaki G5 100 #02

VIN# G5-020912


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I bought this bike after searching for a really long time to find a close to perfect specimen.  Kawasaki's are very difficult and expensive to restore and I didn't want a full scale project and especially one that was rusty.  I'm not sure how many of these were produced, but this is only one of very few that I discovered that wasn't trashed.

I have replaced; taillight assembly, carburetor cover, battery, front brake switch, brake shoes, front & rear sprockets, chain, footpegs, air filter.

I have repaired or refurbished; battery wiring, carburetor, inside of fuel tank, clutch fiber and steel discs, front fork seals, points and fuel petcock.  I also put new clutch and front brake cables on it and repaired the headlight wiring, footpeg and kickstand mount, fuel cap, clutch lever, front forks, many nuts/bolts/washers.  And about the most massive amount of cleaning known to man.  There was 2-stroke oil residue all over this bike and a lot of residual grease from chain oil etc.  There was a gem underneath, but I went through a ton of rags and cleaning materials.

I found an NOS rear fender cover and am looking for a NOS front fender.  The one on the bike is nice, but has two holes where the mud flap was added by the original owner.  Right now, the bike starts, runs and drives excellent.    I purchased this from the original owner and have the original title as well.

I had one of these bikes and it was my daily transportation to and from school from our place in the country.  I had the Red F7 to ride once I got home since it was 21.5 HP and wasn't legal for under 16 years of age. 




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