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Honda Z50A K1 #23

VIN# Z50A-221212

ENG# Z50A-212427

Candytone Blue / Silver

My 'Ride' in 1969

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I've had several Z50 K1's during my Marblesmotors days, but I always wanted to put together a very nice one to remind me of the one I had as a youngster.  In May of 2012 I finally came across one that was worthy of the restoration that I wanted to perform.  The bike I bought looked as though it had never been wrecked or abused with perfectly straight handlebars and no dents in the tank. What you see here is the finished product after a complete teardown, repaint in Candytone Blue, engine rebuild / restoration, fork rebuild, rechromed bars and careful assembly using all original Honda nuts/bolts/screws/washers/clamps etc.  Bike still wears the original tank badges and I put a NOS Stanley taillight lens on it.

Picture of the bike as I found it.  Very unmolested and no dents/dings, original seat, muffler, badges etc.











Marblesmotors 2004