1968 Honda Z50A K0 #19 (Tall Bar)

VIN# Z50A-101016

Bright Yellow / Ivory

If you are a Honda Z50 aficionado or collector, then you need to pay attention to this one.  This is one of the first Z50's produced for U.S. import and features a really unique look.  If you look closely at the handlebars, you will see that they are taller than normal....by over 2".  The first 1,125 of these bikes received these bars and this is one of only a handful of these bikes left in existence. 



Assembly and Restoration Pictures


The main frame tube is made from a thinner material and required a 'saddle' or brace on the main tube.  This was supposed to strengthen them, but all of the early bikes that I've seen had structural problems which is why Honda probably went to thicker material at some point.  This particular bike was found intact with the frame unbroken.

Closeup of the 'saddle'.

Bars are so tall they won't hardly fit in the picture.  I don't think anyone knows why Honda changed the bars, but they in fact did after serial number 1,125.  Shown here also is the K0 style seat with the more flat back portion as compared to the K1 version.  Guess the lip at the back held people on better.

This is serial number #1016, Z50 K0.  Shown in this picture is the long-tail stator cover.  Notice the back portion of it comes down almost to a point.  This was changed out for the K1 bikes and with the weak #415 chain, most of these were broken when the chain wadded. up.

Original Z50 K0 Carburetor.  You can tell by the drain pot and the knurled knob.

The signature Z50 K0 on/off switch.  Notice the browish colored nut holding the switch in place.  This was also the only 'ground' spot on the bike and turning the 1-wire switch to off, grounded the coil.

Notice the "welded neck" tank signifying an early Z50.  This was one of the running changes made by Honda on the Z50 where subsequent models had the hole for the filler neck punched from the top down instead of the inside out necessitating the welding on the outside as illustrated here.

Tall bars with a wide and different angle than subsequent versions.  The first 1,125 K0's got these "Longhorns".

Almost ready to take down off the jig.  Here you can also see the "Slant Guard" made for the first 5,306 Z50 K0's. 

The step bar on the bottom is unique to the K0 as well with a much thinner bar and the straight lugs.  Pretty easy to see why Honda made a running change here.

Here it is.............almost complete.

#415 chain and sprockets.  Try finding one of these chains these days.

This lug is only found on the Z50 K0 engine cases.  Was a boss that was tapped for oil on the older S65 bikes.  Later K1 Z50's did not have this boss.

This is another very rare piece to the K0.  The muffler shows "Pat Pend" and then later replaced with the muffler with Patent #3407575.  Also, later mufflers were stamped with HM045 toward the front with '045' being the model designation of the Z50.

On the first 8,295 Z50's these bolts were used to secure the 2 wheel halves together.  After that, a running change to a bolt with a shoulder which would apparently not chip the paint so badly when installed.

This is the rear fender strap on the early Z50 K0's.  The first 3,192 bikes got this strap and then a running change to a stronger strap and then Honda took that and chromed it for the K1 model.

Here are the early "ISO" markings on the Honda bolts.

This is a rear shot of the diffuser used on the first 20,087 Z50's, then Honda made a running change to the long stinger diffuser that is more commonly seen on the Z50's.

  More assembly pictures to follow.


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