1968 Honda Z50A K0 #16

VIN# Z50A-100923

Scarlet Red / Ivory

If you are a Honda Z50 aficionado or collector, then you need to pay attention to this one.  This is one of the first Z50's produced for U.S. import and features a really unique look.  If you look closely at the handlebars, you will see that they are taller than normal....by over 2".  The first 1,125 of these bikes received these bars and this is one of only a handful of these bikes left in existence.  Assembly pictures follow the completed ones.

This is serial number #923, Z50 K0.  The bike wears an original Z50 K0 seat, 415 size chain and sprockets, an original Honda muffler and diffuser, and the most rare of all.......the long tail engine cover.  If you look at the engine cover on the left hand side, you will see that the tail at the rear flows down to almost a point.  Look at almost any other Z50 and they won't have this part.  These were easily damaged the first time the chain came off the front sprocket and the replacements were always the later style.

"Texas Longhorns".  Tall bars from the first 1,125 Z50 K0's.

The "Slant Guard" exhaust protector made famous on the first 5,306 Z50 K0's.

An original Z50 K0 seat.  Notice it doesn't have the high flip of the K1 models, and the Honda script on the back is different.

Here is a shot that shows the long tail engine side cover.

415 chain isn't much bigger than that for a bicycle.


A few assembly pictures follow.

Here is one of the more interesting projects that I've wanted to do for a long time.  What you see here is serial number 923 of the Z50 K0's which by itself makes it one of the very early bikes, but it has some very interesting characteristics which are different from the later K0's.  The frames seem to be made from a thinner material and required a 'saddle' or brace on the main tube.  This was supposed to strengthen them, but all of the early bikes that I've seen had structural problems which is why Honda probably went to thicker material at some point.  The even more interesting part of the bike is that it is one of the "Tall Bar Bikes" which were the first 1,125 bikes assembled.  The handlebars were over 2" taller than the later pieces and actually make it decent to ride for an adult.  I don't think anyone knows why Honda changed the bars, but they in fact did after number 1,125.  With this bike being an early bike, it also has all the Slant Bar, long engine cover tail, 415 chain and K0 seat items.  The pictures that follow show some of the assembly.

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Here is a picture of the frame prior to putting the tank on.  You can see the unique 'saddle' that was welded onto the frame for extra strength.  Once the tank is on, this is hardly noticeable.

Proper K0 Rear Fender with thin brackets.

Original muffler from a K0 with the correct short diffuser.

The K0 front forks are identified by not having the 2nd hole for the optional speedometer offered for the K1's.  They also did not have any provision for the headlight ears which were welded onto the forks.

Here is a close up shot of the long tail engine cover.  Not many of these exist anymore.

Original K0 carburetor with pressed in drain tube.  Butterfly fuel valve.

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