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1968 Honda Z50A K0 #14 - Slant Guard

VIN# Z50A-103462

Bright Yellow 


Nicely Restored Bike, very rare early Slant Guard model.  If you are not familiar with the term Slant Guard, look closely at the metal guard that is supposed to cover the exhaust from the riders skin.  On the first early K0's, the manufacturing process had an apparent boo-boo and the placement of the forward boss was further down than needed.  Funny enough, the actual guard itself is shorter as well to accommodate the difference.  Honda finally saw fit to correct the later bikes and carried the tradition of the 'Straight Guard' from there forward.  This bike has the all too rare extended stator cover.  Z50 K0's had different front forks as well.  They only had one access hole for the front brake on the lower triple tree where the K1's had two (one for speedometer cable), and also, the K0's did not have provisions for headlight ears.  Front and rear fenders are painted and not chrome and as well the tabs that hold the rear fender to the frame are much thinner.  K0 seats are straight up in the back where the K1's slant forward.  K0's had white grips and levers as opposed to the black ones on the K1's.  K0's had a simple 'butterfly' fuel shutoff valve that was upgraded on the K1's.  K0's had a much different exhaust diffuser that did not extend out beyond the end of the muffler.

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