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1986 Honda Z50 - Chrome Special / Christmas Special

If you know about the legacy here you know that Honda gave only a couple of these to each of their dealers and they were to be sold during the month of December 1985 as Christmas Presents.  Most of these bikes were kept by the dealers and few made there way around.  You see them from time to time and the number of production brought to the U.S. is around 3,000 units making it a very rare bike.  This is a nice original rider bike that shows minimal run time and doesn't appear to have ever been down as everything is straight.  The fuel tanks on these bikes were the weak link and most of the rotted out and this one has survived well.  It does have a few small impressions in the top of the tank and the camera won't quite capture them.  The bike runs well and appears never to have been "monkeyed" with.  I have red grips to replace the black ones so it will be back to original looking.



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