1976 Honda XR75 #1

VIN# XR75-1300534

Tahitian Red

Completed as of 5/27/2006 -   New rims, spokes, paint, tires, sprockets, chain, seat restoration and all the other things.  This was a very complete, and original bike with all its' parts. Beautiful pipe and tank with very little filler.  534th bike produced for this year which is the last year of this bike with the upright shocks and 4-speed manual transmission. 


Start Date 05/19/2006

Everything was disassembled and organized for cleaning, painting etc.  Disassembly process completed on 05/19/2006.  Delivered Tank to painting shop, ordered new fenders, front number plate and all decals from RE-MX.com.  Ordered restored seat and new engine side cover from Tim Parsons.


Spent the weekend cleaning, glassbeading and preparing the surfaces for new paint.  Put all the nuts, bolts, washers etc in my tumblers for cleaning and polishing.  Started Reassembly by putting the detailed engine on the jig and putting the frame around it.  These pictures taken at the end of the day on 05/22/2006.  

Here's all the original hardware after it has gone through my tumblers.

These pictures were taken at the end of the day on 5/24/2006.  Just a couple of hours each evening on this one.

Just a few parts left to put on.  Next comes breaking down the wheels and putting on new tires. Then I can take it off the jig and finish with the footpegs, rear brake, exhaust etc.

This is what it looks like when you put the ultra cool decals on from www.re-mx.com

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