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1972 Honda SL70 K1 #53

VIN# SL70-1105550

FIre Red

All original and very nice SL70 K1 with 905 original miles.  Original tires.  Runs well, all lights work.  Very minor imperfections. 

For 1972, Honda kept the SL70 alive and made some changes by incorporating the universal license bracket that was now used on most bikes.  The SL70 bracket was painted black where some others were chromed, but they were the same bracket.  The seat lost its' metal buttons and the fuel tank was now smooth on the sides and incorporated a much larger decal with HONDA inside the decal.  The bikes were offered in Fire Red, Candy Yellow and Riviera Blue. 

The speedometer was added along with a horn as standard equipment.  The headlight ears and reflectors were changed from the K0 model and different foot peg rubbers were used. The engine remained the 72cc 4-speed from the year before.  There were a few other minor changes such as:  The front fender bracket now bolted on from above the lower triple tree instead of from below and Honda added a helmet lock to the LH side of the frame at the rear.  The rear fender was changed to accommodate a 3 bolt system to hold it onto the rear frame loop.  The wiring harness was changed to incorporate a ground instead of relying on just where the ignition switch connected to the frame.  This also necessitated a new ignition switch which makes the K0 and K1 parts non-interchangeable.  The handlebar switch was changed slightly with the orientation of the on/off switch, and a helmet holder was added to the frame.

Near the bottom of these pictures, I've added pictures of the decals used on the K1. 

This decal was added for the K1 model year to help the owner to get the proper pressure in the tires.

This decal was added to the K1 model to help the owner find the Helmet Holder

This is the style of decal used on the K1 model warning about modifying the Spark Arrester

This is the style of decal used on the K0 model warning about modifying the Spark Arrester


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