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1971 Honda SL70 K0 #71

VIN# SL70-1038312

Light Ruby Red

Very nice original bike that I took apart and detailed.  I did add a newly painted body kit as the original parts had a few scratches here and there.  Needed a new pipe and some other parts, but still has original rims, spokes, tires and seat.

Lights all work on this bike.

This bike retains its' original levers and grips and they are in fantastic original condition.  I did put new cables on it, but I do have the originals which were functional and could be restored and put back on the bike.

Perfect Light Ruby Red Paint and striping.  My reproduction tank badges.

New carburetor, air cleaner and gaskets.  Engine was left alone other than cleaning and detailing. 

Original seat in fantastic original condition.

Original Honda pipe was added.  The one on the bike was trashed.

Nice original license bracket.

This picture is before I put the warning sticker on the tank.

Beautiful straight original handlebars.

Original levers and grips.

Still has the little white plug where the horn switch would go if you were so inclined to go to the Honda store and buy one.

New sprocket and chain.  All fasteners newly zinc plated.

Still has the little black bumpers in the license bracket.

I did polish the derby cover and add an NOS shift lever. 

This is what it looked like when I bought it from the original owner.  Everything there....wrecked pipe, scratches here and there, but well preserved for an original bike.

Here's how far it got torn down to refurbish the bike.  Forks eventually came out and got new seals and dust boots.


                                            Marblesmotors 2004