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1971 Honda SL70 K0 #70

VIN# SL70-1080810

Summer Yellow

This is one of the nicest bikes you'll find that hasn't undergone a full restoration.  If you follow along with the pictures I've taken a bunch of close-ups that show the minor imperfections that remain.  This bike was purchased from an estate sale where it had sat for years with fuel in it.  Therefore, the fuel tank, petcock and carburetor have been replaced and aside from that there was a bunch of Georgia clay that needed to be cleaned up.  I did repair a couple of very small dents in the pipe and gave it a fresh paint job.  There were several small places on the frame that needed touching up as well.  The chrome is excellent along with the spokes/nipples.  It runs well and the lights all work.  The bike still has Nitto tires (which came on the higher serial number bikes) and I'd bet that they are the originals due to the small amount of wear on the rest of the bike.  It is apparent that this bike was in a garage where some white house paint was used and some overspray got on the bike.  I'm continuing to work to clean it up a bit at a time.

There were some white paint spots on the seat.  Looks like overspray from a house painting project.

I used some various cleaners and all the spots came off.  This is a crappy picture inside the house after cleaning and treating the vinyl.

These pictures also show just how well my Summer Yellow paint mix matches the original.


This is how I got the bike.......very nice shape to begin with.

What to do......what to do.  This is an all original high serial number SL70 that unfortunately had to have the tank boiled out due to letting fuel set it in for many years.  Look at the details and see how nice of an original this is.  There are a few very minor scars on the front edge of the front fender and that is about it.  Question I repaint the tank to match everything else and add the SL70 decals to the side covers, or do I just stick a new body kit on it.  Either way, this is a gem and the best part runs very well.


                                            Marblesmotors 2004