1971 Honda SL70 K0 #66

VIN# SL70-1051287

Summer Yellow

Bike is finished !!!!!!  


Assembly pictures follow:


Here's the front wheel after cleanup.

Brand new Honda headlight assembly and trim ring.

I put on new reflector and reflector bolts.

My reproduction tank badges.

Rebuilt engine.

I added a rechromed rear brake lever.

Exhaust warning sticker on frame.

Brand new reproduction muffler and chrome guard.

I polished up the license bracket.  That's a new taillight lens.

This is the tread on the rear tire. 

New rear sprocket and chain.

New side cover decals and powdercoated chain guard.

The color from my digital camera doesn't do the paint job justice.  I'll take outdoor pictures once I finish getting it running.

Here's the proper color warning label on the tank.

Nice rechromed handlebars and this is the high beam indicator bracket and jewel that was missing.

Newly rechromed headlight ears and I cleaned up and wrapped the wiring harness.

I even added the black plug on the back of the headlight shell.  It is called the "useless hole plug".

The wheels cleaned up pretty well.  After cleanup the spokes are left bare and will rust up in a short time.  I sprayed a UV protectant clearcoat on the hubs & spokes and hopefully that will make them last longer.

All new zinc plated clamps, nuts, bolts & washers.

Here is a closeup of the front tire tread.

I took the forks you bought and installed new seals, dust boots and fork oil.  I sanded down the fork lowers, painted them and clear coated.  Newly zinc plated axle and hardware shown.

I removed your VIN tag before powdercoating and then reinstalled it.

Polished handlebar stands and new Zinc plated hardware.

Here's the newly rebuild and restored engine.  It did need a new shift shaft and got new clutch discs, piston, rings, bore and valve job.

Original SL70 carburetor that went through the ultra-sonic machine for cleaning.

Summer Yellow !!!!!

This is the seat cover that was on it along with the buttons.  Took it apart, welded up the seat pan, powder coated the pan and reinstalled the seat cover and foam.  Polished out the buttons as best as possible.  New buttons are available, but they are $3 apiece.  Let me know if you want me to put those in.

Here are the rear shocks that you sent.  Zinc'd axle and hardware ready to go.

This is the license bracket after cleaning it up.  Looks nice.

I also rechromed the headlight ears and put on new reflectors and reflector bolts.  These are really hard to find parts.

Newly rechromed handlebars.  This bike was missing the high beam indicator light and bracket.  I've scrounged up almost all the parts to put one on it.  They are really hard to come up with as well.

I polished out the switch and installed the perches you sent.

Here are parts left to install.  2 tires and tubes.  Sprocket rubbers, new rear sprocket and cover.

Rear Brake rod with attaching parts, Front and rear brake backing plates with brake shoes.  All I did here was clean them and paint them with a silver paint.  I can't do anything else except polish them and then they are really going to make the rims/hubs/spokes look bad.  The brake arms are freshly zinc plated.

I had to get a new headlight assembly as the other was not going to look good on the bike.

Here's the new muffler and chrome guard.  It is the last thing to go on.

Picture of the new reflectors.

I cleaned and polished the ignition switch as best I could.


                                            Marblesmotors 2004