1971 Honda SL70 #36

VIN# SL70-1019122

SL88 - Custom

Mars Orange - White

Here is my next semi-SL70 project.  I wanted to build a hot-rod bike, but sticking to the period correct parts and stay away from the Chinese copy big-inch engines and instead, go with a punched out 70cc original engine.  The engine displaces 88cc, has a big cam, ported head and I have a couple of different exhaust pipes from back in the day.  A 20mm carburetor will feed the bigger engine.

It is painted an original Honda SL color, but not one that was on the SL70's.  It is Mars Orange with a White sail stripe, which was used only on the SL100 K1.  The bike will have no lights and will be somewhat of a 'stripper'. 

The holes in the rear fender have been filled as it will not have a license plate / taillight assembly attached.  

Put one of my aftermarket pipes on finished in Chrome.  Actually runs better than with the Torque Engineering pipe.

Check out the pictures with the tank and side covers on the bike.  Notice the side cover badges........the SL70's merely had the blue/red decal, but these are some custom made badges in the style of the larger SL's.  I had one of the side cover decals blown up larger and used on the front number plate.


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