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1971 Honda SL350 K1 #18



Candy Ruby Red


This bike is going to be on display in the VJMC show at the Barber Vintage Days in early October. 


This is the nicest original SL350 that I have ever owned, or ever seen for that matter.  I've spent about 24 hours doing detail work and had to replace a couple of items, but I firmly believe that the 985 miles showing on the odometer is accurate and that it is 100% original down to the tires, cables and paint.  The mufflers are the nicest set of originals that I have ever seen.  I did have to do a small repair to the LH side down near the drain hole, but that was tig welded up and painted and isn't noticable at all.  The chrome on the bike was absolutely perfect except for the handlebars which I have replaced with an NOS set.  The one other flaw was in the paint is on the RH side cover where it looks like something got spilled on it at some point, and I replaced that with a NOS Honda piece.  The seat looks to be 100% original with no rips or tears.  The bike runs fantastic and has great compression.  I did have to go through the carbs as it was only running on 1 cylinder when I got it.  I also replaced the headlight unit as the low-beam was burned out on the original.  The lower fork legs were showing badly where the clear coat was yellowed and coming off, so they have been polished out and I replaced the seals and dust boots while it was apart and added fresh fork oil.  The inside of the tank has been coated.....not by me, but it seems to be holding up well.  This bike was literally covered by grime and goo and it took a tremendous amount of hand labor to get it cleaned, but underneath of it was one incredible bike. 

Here is a picture of what things looked like to start with.

Same area after detail work.

Here's a full shot of the finished bike.

I detailed the lower front forks and added new fork seals and dust boots.  Original Hub, Spokes, Rim and Trail Wing Tire.

New Sealed Beam Headlight assembly.

Totally unmolested, unbent Front Fender.

Only the slightest of imperfections on the tank.  Nothing bigger than the tip of a pencil lead.

I spent a lot of time detailing out the engine.  Not perfect, but very respectable.

This is a shot of the NOS unit that I put on to replace the one that was damaged.  Black wire is for a battery tender.

Original Hub, Spokes, Rim and Trail Wing Tire.

Very rare item.......Tag Support Bracket.

Original Saddle, very soft and supple.

I did add the Warning Decal on the tank.

Shot of the Instruments with very low miles.  Very bright and crisp.

Nicest white Mirror Plug I've ever run across.

Original Horn Switch still in place and it works!

Original Rear Fender with original paint.

I adjusted the steering stem bearings and carefully dusted some paint around the steering neck and lower triple tree area.

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