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1970 Honda SL175 #5

VIN# SL175-1008737

Candy Ruby Red

Extremely Nice Original Bike.  One of the very nicest untouched original bikes you will find.  Less than 600 original miles.  Even the engine number matches the frame number exactly.  In all of the SL's that I've owned, that has never happened before.  This bike has a story that I've heard several times.  The original owner rode it for the 500 or so miles and then had a slight spill.  That is where the road ended for this one.  The front brake lever was bent as well as the handlebars.  I replaced these two items with nice original pieces.  There are some scratches on the leading edge of the front fender, but overall this is one of the nicest preserved original bikes you will ever find.  This bike deserves finding an NOS front fender for it and you can bet I'll be on the lookout for one.

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The following picture is what I found when I took the headlight out to remove the wiring to replace the handlebars.  Just a pile of dirt!!!!

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