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1973 Honda SL125 K2 #17

Special Silver Metallic

A true survivor bike with 738 original miles.  Small imperfections here and there, but overall one of the cleanest and nicest SL125's you'll find.  Runs well and has recently been serviced.  It does have a replacement carburetor and I am not sure where along the life of the bike that came to be, but it runs perfectly.  I found a good solid replacement tank and had it painted with new decals etc so it is not almost 100% free of any paint imperfections.

Very nice original fork legs, hubs and spokes.  Only light cleaning was needed here.

The leading edge of the front fender had some scratches so I had it repainted.  This is a picture prior to the repaint.

Nice chrome on the bike including the license bracket, chain guard, rims and bars.


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