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                            1971 Honda SL125 K0 #12

                       Strato Blue Metallic / Black Stripes

                       Restoration performed between                                              5/29/2006 - 8/09/2006

The Project Begins!!!!!

Here are all the fasteners newly zinc plated.  Lots of parts here and the SL125 parts are all in there somewhere.

Lots of parts all polished up and ready for assembly.  Headlight ears, kick and shift levers have been rechromed.

Chain Guard Rechromed along with Rear Sprocket.  The spokes were dipped and then plated with Bright Zinc.  The Spoke Nipples were done the same except with a Gold Zinc.

Skid Guard, Tool Box, Air Cleaner Assembly and Foot Brake all powder coated and ready to go.

Here is all the body work completed in Strato Blue Metallic.

Front Wheel spoked and ready to go with new bearings.

Rear wheel same way.

Next come pictures of the frame and small parts that are all striped, painted and ready for assembly.

The carburetor is in this picture because it has been gone through, cleaned and is ready to go.

Battery Box, Coil, Carburetor and Rubber Grommets installed.

The first Strato Blue item to be put on the bike.

It's not really time to put on the side cover, but I wanted to see how it would look.

Very nice license bracket and taillight assembly.

Wiring harness has been cleaned and checked for problems and mounted on the bike.

Brand new Honda NOS On/Off and Light Switch.

I hooked up the battery, and all of the electricals to 'bench' test them before assembly of the bike.  This just makes sure that you don't have to take anything back apart.  Neutral light, instrument lights, high beam, horn, taillight, front brake light and rear brake light all work.

Steering stem installed with all cleaned bearings and new Zinc plated fittings.

These are brand new NOS gauges and the triple crown is NOS as well.

Wiring all run through into the headlight.

Front forks installed.

New brake shoes, zinc hardware and polished backing plates.

Bad picture of a really nice seat pan and cover.

Seat and tank installed.  I have to take them back off to run the throttle cable, but I wanted to make sure everything lined up.

The bike is starting to take shape.  

Left to do:  Mount tires, install front and rear wheel units with brakes.  Install rear brake assembly.  Install throttle cable.  Install handlebar unit.  (I had to order some new top mounts).  Install footpeg assembly.  Install chain guard.  Cut chain to length.  Install side cover badges(NOS).  Install tank badges(NOS).  Finish wiring once all other parts are installed.   Install hand grips.  Install kick starter, shifter, Exhaust pipe, Exhaust Guard, Exhaust Diffuser.  Install Skid Plate.

Then comes the fun part with starting the engine and getting everything set for the first ride.

NOS handlebars, switches, polished lever mounts, new brake switch.

Footpeg assembly ready to be mounted.

This is pretty much all the remaining parts to go on the bike.

I've installed a pigtail onto the battery with a two prong connector for a battery charger.  I'll be including the charger with the bike.

Bike finally gets its' shiny wheels !!!!!

Watch out for the reflection in that Chain Guard.


Brand new badges.

Finally all the bodywork is on the bike.

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