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1971 Honda SL100 K1

Mars Orange


Exceptionally well preserved SL100 K1 in Mars Orange.  This was a bike that sat unattended for many years and required a new carburetor and major tank flush, but it starts and runs well.  Everything is there and would make a great trail bike or an extremely nice starting point to clean it up as the body work is really nice with the exception of the front fender which has some extra holes drilled for mud flaps.  If this one sits around any time at all, I will tear it down and clean it up, paint the frame and put it back as original as possible.  The bike does have knobby tires and a larger rear sprocket as the previous owner obviously enjoyed trail rides.  Seat is in great condition and the side covers are not cracked or broken.  There is a small crack in the plastic headlight bucket in the usual place for these bikes.

                                                            Marblesmotors 2004