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My Bikes

1988 Honda NSR250R MC18

Vin#: MC181008022

Grey Market bike, imported into the U.S. and titled in Texas.  Holy Race Bike Batman!!!!!  Now has Tyga expansion chambers, stainless brake lines and a few other upgrades.  This has to be one of the most fun bikes I've ever ridden.  The bike is extremely light and nimble and the 250cc twin revs like crazy.  The speedometer is in KPH, goes to 190 and it will bury the needle very quickly.  It reads 3,237 KM and that equates to just 2,000 original miles. 

Amazing performance for this displacement engine. 

Carbon Kevlar Silencers from Tyga.


Tyga Curly Whirly Expansion Chambers

Tyga Curly Whirly Expansion Chambers

If you want to stop, just barely pull in on the front brake lever.  With this lightweight bike, they just pull you down instantly.

Tyga Curly Whirly Expansion Chambers

Link to my bike on Tyga's webpage:

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