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1975 Honda MR50 K1 #6

VIN#  MR502002452

Special Silver / Tahitian Red

Restoration pictures followed by pictures of the original bike.  The difference is in the details.  I believe this to be the nicest MR50. (period)

Powder coated frame.

Rebuilt front forks with new seals and dust boots.

New front fender.  All bolts / nuts / washers freshly zinc plated.

Proper front brake cable guide.

Honda wing decals placed on base coat and then cleared over.

Engine rebuilt and cases restored to original colors.

Refurbished seat.

Rechromed exhaust guard.

Powder coated brake lever and skid plate.

Shocks disassembled, polished and springs powder coated.

New rear fender.

Beautiful Special Silver and Tahitian Red paint.

New chain and sprockets.  New tires, tubes & rimstrips as well.

All small parts such as chain guard and chain guide were powdercoated.

New derby cover and a perfect primary chain guard.  Shift lever rechromed.

Rebuilt carburetor.  All clamps were newly zinc coated.

Both front and rear rims were rechromed.  Spokes were zinc plated and reassembled and trued.

New hardwhere where appropriate.

Original stop/run switch.

Bike still retains the throttle limiter set screw and mounting bracket.

New levers and grips.

Some older pictures during the restoration


Very Nice Original Example.  Currently undergoing restoration.

I took a lot of reference photos as the bike was disassembled to guide me through the reassembly phase.


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