1982 Kawasaki KDX175

For Gary Tann

Kawasaki Green

Completed September 2013

Assembly Pictures Follow

On the headlight assembly we only got one of these rubber straps which secure the bottom portion.  They seem to still be available new so I will order one.

Throttle assembly all complete and operational.  Can't see too well but now both levers match.

This is where we have a big problem.  The new muffler that you bought is for a 1981 KDX175 A2 and this bike is a 1982 KDX175 A3 and the design of the bracketry is different.  If I were to guess, Kawasaki made a running change into 1982 and added a 2nd bracket and different mounting points on the frame. 

Here is an exploded view of the correct muffler for the 1982 A3 version.  We do not have the correct muffler or the mounting damper pieces and they are no longer available from Kawasaki..

Parts Needed:

18002-1188 - Muffler (Not available anywhere that I can find)

92075-1196 - Rubber Damper - 2 required - Available on ebay

92027-1134 - Collar - 2 required - Still available new

92022-298 - Washer - 2 required - I have those in stock

130CA0830 - Flanged Bolt - 2 required - Still available new

This is the mounting attachment for the 1981 A2 version.

This shows how it doesn't align to the 1982 frame.

This was the bracket that was on the muffler that came on the bike at the time of purchase.

Having trouble finding the proper bolts to hold on the taillight lens, but will search a better hardware store this week.  Very small, but long metric screws.

Can't find anywhere (yet) the proper size vent hose for the tank.  With the nub being recessed it takes a very thin outer diameter hose.  Nothing I have at the shop works.

A couple more pictures of the bike almost complete.

To summarize:  Taillight screws, Headlight attachment rubber & Muffler issue.

Then it will be complete and ready to test fire.




Progress as of 08/13/2013

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