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A few pictures of John Wayne on motorcycles.  The SL350 K0 in the first picture is obviously a prop bike as you can see the tubes in back of the front wheel and behind the rear seat.  These were used to secure the bike upright on a trailer so that it would appear he was riding.  It actually looks like he is using the bike to run around under its' own power.   I would suppose the picture of him on the mini-bike is one he used to run around the set location while filming a movie.

   You gotta love a man that likes Honda SL's           Non-typical Duke hat, but cool just the same


I bet he wasn't real proud of this picture...............

We all know that Steve McQueen was a "Real Deal" guy when it came to motorcycles and racing.  Here are a few items of interest.

Click HERE to see Steve McQueen in a Japanese commercial for the CR250M

Picture of Steve McQueen on a Honda CR250M



A double cool magazine with Steve McQueen talking about bikes as well as Mario Andretti test driving the 'new' 1967 Mustang

Who can deny that the Rolling Stones are one of the top 3 bands of all time.  Here is that crazy Mick Jagger enjoying a 1971 Honda CB350 K2


The King, Elvis and Barbara Stanwyck on what looks to me like a CB77 305cc


Hoss from Bonanza on a Bonanza Mini-Bike


And my old buddy Mike Shaw on his Bonanza doing his Dan Blocker imitation.  He won the bike in a contest put on by Pepsi-Cola.

The Jackson Family


Davy Jones of the Monkees


Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork of the Monkees


Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer


Bo Derek at age 18


Prince Charles on a Hog


Prince Charles on a Kawasaki Z

Farah Fawcett on a Kawasaki Z1R


Francoise Hardy - French actress that was in the movie Grand Prix

The members of Led Zeppelin apparently liked Suzuki dirt bikes

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