Restored 1971 Honda SL70 K0

1971 Honda SL70 K0

VIN# SL70-1060945

Summer Yellow / Black

New Cover in picture above.

End of day, Sunday November 25, 2007

Here is the crack in the LH side cover.  Most of it will be covered by the chain guard.  I will have it aluminum welded, then I will dress it down as clean as possible.  Should come out ok.  These covers are hard to find without cracks in them.  If you have a spare one you want to use instead, that will be ok by me.

Here is where the rear fender tab was broken off.  After looking at it more carefully, it looks like it was previously welded at some point.  Evidenced by the areas where there is no paint.....burnt off by the welding.  This area will get glass beaded off and then welded so that it won't break again.  This repair will not be seen once the bike is assembled.

Here is the engine ready to go to Tim.

Here is the box of parts that will get polished.  Fork Tubes, Hubs, Brake Plates, Ignition Cover, Lever Stands, Handlebar Stands.

Here is the box of parts that will get powder coated along with the frame.  Swingarm, Steering Stem, Triple Crown, Engine Mount, Kick Stand, Rear Fender Mount, Rear Brake Stay, Chain Guard, Battery Box & Clamp, Air Filter Canister.

Here is the box of original yellow body work going to the paint shop.

Bare frame ready for blasting and powder coating.

Here is the box of parts for chroming.  Handlebars, Air Cleaner Covers, Headlight Ring (I was able to salvage this one, no need to look for one), License Plate Bracket, Kick Start Lever, Shift Lever, Exhaust Guard, Headlight Ears.

Here is the box of parts that will go to the Zinc Plating shop.  You will get a new sprocket in the deal.

All this is going to the various shops as of 10/13/2007

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