Dan Crotty 

1971 Honda CL350 K3 #2

Candy Topaz Orange

Looks almost done, doesn't it??????   Not really.  Have a lot of little things to finish up:

Had to send one of the exhaust chrome shields back to the chrome shop, have an order from Honda coming in with a few little parts here and there, have to finish up the shift mechanism, the seat, the tank, petcock and other odds and ends.  I got the 11 mile speedometer and it is pretty nasty on the black case.  I'll start to work on it as time allows.  It is a pretty tedious task to sand and paint without messing up the face etc.  I did fire the bike and it runs well.  The carbs didn't turn out as nice as the other bike and not sure why.  Hate to take them back off and try again as that involves taking off the exhaust, side covers, air cleaners, cables etc, but haven't ruled it out.   

                                            Marbles Motors 2004