Restoration Performed for:

                    Dave Cambas

                         1974 Honda XL70 K0 

                     Candy Topaz Orange / Black 

Restored between                   

08/20/2006 - 10/31/2006

Doing my part to help a Katrina Victim.  Ok, so here's the story about a true victim of Katrina.  This little bike couldn't get out of the way of the storm surge from Lake Ponchartrain, as it was left in what was thought to be a safe garage.  Water came up and engulfed what was a nearly perfect original XL70 with less than 200 miles on it.  The bike was dried out, but the damage was done.  At the end of the 'finished' pictures is a link to another webpage detailing the restoration.  Some pictures there show the neighborhood almost a year after the storm with the FEMA trailers still in the yards.  This area was without electricity for some time and the effects of the storm were devastating.

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