1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator - Boss 302 - Super Drag-Pak



Yes, this was an original 4.30 Detroit Locker Boss 302 car.  Options were sparse.  Just an AM radio.  That was it.  I added the styled steel wheels and returned it to as original as possible.  I pulled the heads off, did a valve job, repainted a couple of panels, but the car had about 75% of its' original paint.  The transmission was a wide-ratio top-loader and the car always ran like a top.  There were a few places on the seats where it was worn through the white color and I dyed it several times.

This was the very first car of mine that landed in magazines.  I think it was in just about every Mustang/Ford/Cougar book around at the time, and it was cool to see it in print. 

I bought the car in Florida out of the back of a Hot Rod magazine.  Flew there with a tool box and change of clothes, drove it back and it never missed a beat.  My butt vibrated for about 2 days afterward from driving about 75 with 4:30 gears.  The car had been lowered, roller cam, roller lifters, roller rockers and headers added.  It came with all the original parts in the trunk with the exception of the snorkle down tube.  I eventually found one of those and put the engine back to nearly perfect.

I still miss this car.


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Just added the styled steel wheels.
The car had a beautiful interior.  White standard high-back buckets....Eliminator black out trim.
Nice engine compartment after a LOT of work.
Great stance!
This is the day I picked it up in Florida.  The car was kept in an airplane hanger.

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